At OUr Law Firm, we are committed to supporting individuals who are facing criminal accusations. With over a decade and a half of specialized experience in criminal defense, our firm understands the intricacies of crafting a robust defense for a wide array of charges. Our team of legal professionals is known for their inventive and strategic approaches, thoroughly examining every avenue to devise the most advantageous defense plan for our clients. If you are seeking expert legal guidance and representation, an Encino criminal defense lawyer from our team can offer you the seasoned expertise and advocacy you need.

Our firm boasts extensive expertise in defending a spectrum of criminal charges, including drug-related offenses, theft, and more. We have also provided defense for clients accused of making terrorist threats, trespassing, juvenile delinquency, federal offenses, and firearms infractions. Circumstances can sometimes place individuals at the wrong place at the wrong time, leading to unwarranted criminal charges. We are committed to championing the cause of those wrongfully accused and ensuring they receive a fair trial.

We have represented many individuals accused of a range of unlawful acts, including violent crimes such as domestic violence, assault, battery, kidnapping, manslaughter, sex offenses, and even cases involving homicide. Handling DUI accusations is another area of our expertise, whether it involves defense for hit and run incidents or legal support during DMV hearings. Our firm is also equipped to handle white-collar crime charges, including insurance fraud, embezzlement, and RICO cases, among others.

DUI & CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY IN LOS ANGELES AND ENCINO Law Firm brings years of dedicated experience to the table for those accused of criminal conduct. Our commitment to excellence aims to significantly increase the likelihood of charge dismissal for our clients. We offer complimentary initial consultations and are available around the clock, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Facing criminal charges can be daunting, and our firm is ready to provide you with comprehensive advice on your options, as well as strong representation in court. We believe in a personalized approach, crafting cost-effective legal strategies that are tailored to the unique details of each case.

Understanding the paramount importance of your freedom, we encourage you to reach out to an Encino criminal defense attorney from our firm today for a no-cost initial consultation and compelling court representation.

Our Practice Areas:

Criminal Defense | Assault Battery | Domestic Violence | Drug Crimes | DUI | Federal Crimes | Firearm Violations | Homicide | Insurance Fraud and More


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